Lendon Telesford

Behind closed doors: No secrets…No lies

Tell me!

What do you see?

Hey! You, did I stutter?

Tell me, what do you see?

There is more to me than what your eyes can see.

Though I stand before you elegantly poised, I know I look human

But what I am really, is bruised

I know you think you want to know who or what I am

But once I let you into this bubble there is no escaping

And the closest experience you’ll have to life is suffocating

But if I don’t tell you, I lose again

[Sigh]… I’m tired!

I’ve lied to myself so many times that my very existence seems to be the greatest lie ever constructed

And I know this sounds unbelievable

But you better believe that it is unbelievable when one finds solace in self-destruction, because it’s an easier truth to accept than death.

But though I have life, I have not lived.

And escape is no longer a word in my vocabulary because my quest for living has long ended.

Now, I just want to survive

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Letter to the motherland: Happy 40th

Hello mother,


I know it has been a while but I thought you should know – I LOVE YOU. Though I’ve not utilized many opportunities to say this, I’ve found it within myself to do so now. As I present myself to you, my only expectation is that you lend me your ear. Though I’ve heard stories of your beginning, I never understood the measure of your pain because the elements presented to me seem to have constructed a present that constituted no true representation of a past. And so I felt detached.

Once covered by clouds of uncertainty, I often questioned who I am, who you are. But now that I am out here chasing realities, the only reality in which I find strength is knowing that I am of you. And it is within these moments of truth I salute thee – Hail Grenada! Land, which I proudly call my own.

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Find Me

For world AIDS day


To me, to you.

No - to the voices that echo from the far corners of this


They speak; not to me but of me

And the bane utterances bruise me because they can’t get

through me.

The quieter the vocalization, the deeper the cuts and I bleed

But there’s no dispensation because to them I’ve already

bled my last drop in that moment of sensation gone bad.

And I know, that you know it hurts.

But you don’t even care that it could have been you in my


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