Lendon Telesford

Caribbean – playground host… neglected player

Within the context of a “universally accepted” consciousness, a country’s income per capita, population growth rate, economic growth and unemployment rate are just a few factors that are considered when measuring development. While the Caribbean has utilized these standard indicators to measure their development, it is critical to comprehend the dimensional calibrations, prior to the undertaking of any assessment of development. For that matter, it is prudent to determine whether sustainable development is being considered as a process of growth in the Caribbean region. However progressive the Caribbean may appear to be now, if one were to carefully examine the tales told by history, one would discover that the Caribbean has always been, and remains, the place where paradoxically everything and nothing took place.

This paper will examine the evolution of the Caribbean showing how its legacy and operational principles continue to position the region as the playground of the former colonial masters. While the Caribbean facilitated and contributed to the economic development of foreign sovereignty, regrettably, the experience was not mutually beneficial. As a result the region can be likened to the lone child looking on longingly at his peers at the end of the rousing session of ‘farmer in the dell’. At the core of this sociopolitical edifice, the paper will argue that the existence of a plantation society mentality, coupled with a modernized extractive economy led to neo-colonialism in the region. Its manifestation is reflected in its outward unidirectional development in the Caribbean. 

Paper coming soon. Please share your thoughts.

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