Lendon Telesford

Find Me

For world AIDS day.


To me, to you.

No - to the voices that echo from the far corners of this


They speak; not to me but of me

And the bane utterances bruise me because they can’t get

through me.

The quieter the vocalization, the deeper the cuts and I bleed

But there’s no dispensation because to them I’ve already

bled my last drop in that moment of sensation gone bad.

And I know, that you know it hurts.

But you don’t even care that it could have been you in my


And now, I’m no longer human; stripped from the person that

once was.

A product of circumstances. But who cares?

In your world, now I’m just – “IT”

Trapped in the corners of this deafening silence, I’m afraid

to be frightened.

But does it even matter to you that I actually feel?

The hatred, the shame, the discrimination, oh how I’d give

anything for us to switch places.

Not because I’d wish this ill fate upon you.

But for you to feel 

life as it is just one minute under my skin.

I’ve cried tears of stone so heavy that I sink into a pool

of hopelessness so deep that I have become the bottom.

If only you’d take just one minute to dispose the

unconscionable remarks and acknowledge that we share the same air, so that I can


If only you’d take a minute to find ME.

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