Lendon Telesford

Letter to the motherland: Happy 40th

Hello mother,


I know it has been a while but I thought you should know – I LOVE YOU. Though I’ve not utilized many opportunities to say this, I’ve found it within myself to do so now. As I present myself to you, my only expectation is that you lend me your ear. Though I’ve heard stories of your beginning, I never understood the measure of your pain because the elements presented to me seem to have constructed a present that constituted no true representation of a past. And so I felt detached.

Once covered by clouds of uncertainty, I often questioned who I am, who you are. But now that I am out here chasing realities, the only reality in which I find strength is knowing that I am of you. And it is within these moments of truth I salute thee – Hail Grenada! Land, which I proudly call my own.

While truth is among the hardest of realities to come by, it now hurts me to realize how difficult it must have been for you, to only be able to recognize yourself through broken shards of glass. Now the onus falls on my shoulder to build a reflection, of which you can be proud, from the pieces you bestowed upon me. What hurts even more though, is knowing that it took this journey, of my becoming, to realize that I am.

Although you’ve endured a world of suffering, on this the eve of your birthday I am happy to be able to solicit the strength of the person within myself. Not because you have suffered and have been bruised. But because I only now understand that you’ve bled, while nurturing hope in your bosom, knowing that one-day your struggle ends, and your new life begin through me – your son.






Proudly signed,

Lendon Telesford.

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