Lendon Telesford

My First Blog Post

​Hello amazing person. Yeah, i’m talking to you. Welcome to my first blog. Many attempts have been made at this before, but I’ve never gone live. LendonTelsford.com is meant to be the gateway through which you experience all things Lendon. From music, to technology, to science, heck to life, you name it - It can be found here.

I’ve always had high interest in writing but then I started thinking, what if it’s not structured correctly? What if it doesn’t read well? What if “they” don’t like it? Naturally, as human beings we are exposed to disapproval. However, how we chose to channel the energies directed at us, be it good or bad, is what really matters.

Upon stumbling on this I realized I’ve be asking the wrong questions and should have been asking, “WHY THE HELL DO I WANT TO BLOG IN THE FIRST PLACE?”

The answer is simple; I love expressing myself and realized that this (blogging) provides the best platform through which I can share my thoughts, my opinions and my experiences. We’re gonna have so much fun together in the world of words. Ohh yeah, I know you feel the connection too. Don’t be afraid to leave me with some of your thought and remember, share, share, share. Oh, did I mention we’re gonna have fun? Lol…lol..lol

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