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Last week I had the opportunity to sit in on a series of discussions hosted by the Grenada Hotel and Tourism Association (GHTA), held at the Flamboyant Hotel. The sessions spanned a period of two days and covered topics ranging from branding, to the use of social media tools to boost presence and brand identity. The overarching purpose of these meetings was to detail, to its members, the projects undertaken by the GHTA in the past year and to present their plans for the year 2015/2016.​

Some of the interesting items, by my measure, were the unveiling of a new website to help with their E-Marketing campaigns and the launch of a new mobile application to promote tourism related businesses. Additionally, I was privy to a first hand view of nine remarkable video productions geared towards strengthening Grenada’s marketing efforts.

While I must admit these sessions were quite insightful, what I appreciated most about having been there was the opportunity to discover. Being Grenadian it should have meant, when shown videos and pictures of our pristine offerings, surprise should not have been an expected reaction. However, having been away from Grenada for the past two years afforded me the chance to once again celebrate being Grenadian; not by virtue of birth, but instead, by virtue of a renewed perspective.

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Behind closed doors: No secrets…No lies

Tell me!

What do you see?

Hey! You, did I stutter?

Tell me, what do you see?

There is more to me than what your eyes can see.

Though I stand before you elegantly poised, I know I look human

But what I am really, is bruised

I know you think you want to know who or what I am

But once I let you into this bubble there is no escaping

And the closest experience you’ll have to life is suffocating

But if I don’t tell you, I lose again

[Sigh]… I’m tired!

I’ve lied to myself so many times that my very existence seems to be the greatest lie ever constructed

And I know this sounds unbelievable

But you better believe that it is unbelievable when one finds solace in self-destruction, because it’s an easier truth to accept than death.

But though I have life, I have not lived.

And escape is no longer a word in my vocabulary because my quest for living has long ended.

Now, I just want to survive

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Letter to the motherland: Happy 40th

Hello mother,


I know it has been a while but I thought you should know – I LOVE YOU. Though I’ve not utilized many opportunities to say this, I’ve found it within myself to do so now. As I present myself to you, my only expectation is that you lend me your ear. Though I’ve heard stories of your beginning, I never understood the measure of your pain because the elements presented to me seem to have constructed a present that constituted no true representation of a past. And so I felt detached.

Once covered by clouds of uncertainty, I often questioned who I am, who you are. But now that I am out here chasing realities, the only reality in which I find strength is knowing that I am of you. And it is within these moments of truth I salute thee – Hail Grenada! Land, which I proudly call my own.

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Caribbean – playground host… neglected player

Within the context of a “universally accepted” consciousness, a country’s income per capita, population growth rate, economic growth and unemployment rate are just a few factors that are considered when measuring development. While the Caribbean has utilized these standard indicators to measure their development, it is critical to comprehend the dimensional calibrations, prior to the undertaking of any assessment of development. For that matter, it is prudent to determine whether sustainable development is being considered as a process of growth in the Caribbean region. However progressive the Caribbean may appear to be now, if one were to carefully examine the tales told by history, one would discover that the Caribbean has always been, and remains, the place where paradoxically everything and nothing took place.

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Find Me

For world AIDS day


To me, to you.

No - to the voices that echo from the far corners of this


They speak; not to me but of me

And the bane utterances bruise me because they can’t get

through me.

The quieter the vocalization, the deeper the cuts and I bleed

But there’s no dispensation because to them I’ve already

bled my last drop in that moment of sensation gone bad.

And I know, that you know it hurts.

But you don’t even care that it could have been you in my


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Grenada - building the Internet Economy

​For decades we have made numerous attempts at “Economic Development”. With every endeavor however, we have only managed to create an economy synonymous to a black hole, constantly sucking the life out of what we call society. Though many may argue that we would have come a long way, cushioned by the bosom of Agriculture and Tourism, I hold my own reservations. Although we’ve made it to the place in time called ‘NOW’ - this leaves room for many questions. I’m not saying that Tourism and Agriculture have done nothing for us. I’m simply questioning the possibility of national growth in today’s dynamically changing world, with the aforementioned as the only focus. Looking through the eyes of our politicians, it would appear that we’ve been heading down the path to sustainable development. Of course, I can’t neglect to highlight that the weight/measure of anything is dependent on whose definition is in use.

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My First Blog Post

Hello amazing person. Yeah, i’m talking to you. Welcome to my first blog. Many attempts have been made at this before, but I’ve never gone live.  LendonTelsford.com is meant to be the gateway through which you experience all things Lendon. From music, to technology, to science, heck to life, you name it - It can be found here.

I’ve always had high interest in writing but then I started thinking, what if it’s not structured correctly? What if it doesn’t read well? What if “they” don’t like it? Naturally, as human beings we are exposed to disapproval. However, how we chose to channel the energies directed at us, be it good or bad, is what really matters.

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